Why is Greece bankrupt?

I need your help again: Can anyone, relatively quickly and relatively well understood explain why Greece goes bankrupt ??

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the thing is actually very simple: if you spend over decades more than you are you ingest eventually broke. this also applies to states.

watch this video, then you will get the information about some irrsinn Greek financial policy and public disorder:

http: //www.focus.de/finanzen/videos/pana-tsoukatos-ueber-seine-landsleute-eine-g ...



Greece was bankrupt not happen overnight. This comes from the fact that the budgets of the Greek economy were fined for years! The government has made a mess and the Greeks have - as so often - to foot the bill for it. Neither the banks (in general it is also true here) have not been held responsible (who mixed blocks of shares - good mixed with bad - sold), which has accelerated the bankruptcy, nor the P.litiker have been held accountable.


If a government spends more money than he erwirtschaftet.Sich then borrows money in order to pay everything back money leiht.Irgendwann he is so deep in the Meanies is state bankruptcy.

A Ex., Because there is an island full of (supposedly) Blinder the cash money every month from the government, think that speaks fo itself ....

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