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I do not know if this is normal but whenever my dog ​​he is encountered with this a dog really hyperactive and the other dog yelps ever to come to my and my captures in recent times however so on I do not know if this is normal like the too much or what's going on? both male is my dog ​​really small by the size is 6 months old and the other dog is huge and already some years old my is havaneser the other I do not know aufjedenfall pretty big race I do not know what the two have always meet the go walkies and you think two family members look after 20 years again so heartbreaking does that sound: D

The best answer

even dogs have special nice encounters -Let it and the two in an area with over view and without traffic play together ..

and what is now your question ?? your problem ?? Your 6-month young dog would be held, the large gives him signals, he can just findet-- very great you the beidne together? - Abgeleint? may play together? in agreement with the anderenhalter-!

- Yes, dogs can fall in love, because the sex does not matter which must synpathie since sein-- spoil the your small and not let him go to the big. my bitch (schäfermix) may also very fond of little dogs

yes, love especially.

Has my well with another dog. So whether to know quite well and .......... who knows ??

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