Why is my graphics and resolution worse after installing the driver than before?

Hello dear forum I'm new here.
So have an annoying Problem..hab 2gddr5 brought me a new amd radeon r9 270x.
As I have installed in my pc (power cord plugged in) and have started it was the resolution as always fit 1920x1080p.Alles ran to Hd, the icons and the bar looked beautiful in color and Hd aus.Nach installing the driver (currently 15.7 believable I) and has the resolution changed ..it is true 1920x1080 with the settings but my screen does not fit on my desktop .. Really weird did everything possible attempts to change reinstall resolution, etc. not only that, the resolution is funny, the icons and the taskbar is blurred so no longer in hd and not nice farbig..das only thing I've found is when I covered it umstelle the resolution of the graphics card to 1080i then desktop again the screen completely otherwise was like a black border between the screen and Desktop..nundenn thought the problem would be solved and everything is beautiful in color but when I then tried games or videos, he hung fully behind the images something I can such a graphics card not zumuten..hoffe to answer :(

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Catalyst Control Center -> My Digital Flat Panel -> Scaling Options -> push there the slider to 0%.

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