Why is soccer so popular than boxing?

The best answer

"more popular than boxing" or more popular than boxing.

"very popular than boxing" does not exist !!!

Hello lucas1237! :-)

Well, football is more socially acceptable. Rather, there are clubs and remember what all dranhängt way. Advertising, sales of jerseys, merchandise usw.usf. League football there every week in TV with gimmicks ... Since there are more Idendifikationsmöglichkeiten, bets can be placed, only you an example.

is boxed in warehouses, no outdoor sports, also an important consideration. The injuries are more serious, as it were top-heavy ;-) Finally boxing is a martial art, which you can "play" just for two.

All this means that football is obviously more popular :-)

It greets you


I do not want to talk nonsense, but I believe that it is dangerous true that I like so much I'm in training football is not boxing well

Why is the earth round .. There are not interested in all of boxing's or martial arts .. playing football every child

Because football for many more fun and it is not any one thing is to boxing.

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