Why is something which is in the status of illegality same as something bad viewed?

I am referring to drugs and that all are illegal. may over other drugs not talk because it is otherwise the same stupid looked at from the side except for Alk. The main thing every weekend wegsaufen the bulb ....

Many other drugs not try for whatever reason, and I encourage anyone to emulate on this! But why are all the people to other drugs so negative? Most have ever garkeine idea and spitting sounds great ?! And of course, any kind of drug is not exactly healthy unless you it in moderation or you know how to handle it!

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Perhaps it is because alcohol for some people also has positive sides. Man drinking a glass of champagne or wine, if someone's birthday or is otherwise celebrated something, a wedding, the birth or a solid, as now Easter. It is then happy and cheerful voted, sometimes omitted. If you do not overdo it with the drinking alcohol is alcohol no dangerous drug, but not dangerous stimulants.

About drugs many people think negatively, because they just have negative consequences. Man drifts there from in an illusory world., Can probably soon not differ more reality and drug-induced dreams. It will depend, need more and more money to buy drugs, sometimes criminally so. There have already been murdered people, just because someone wanted to get money for drugs. And some die even to their drug addiction. Why should anyone so a positive attitude towards drugs have. The only positive thing is perhaps that they sometimes help very strong, unbearable pain, such as morphine or some cannabis.

Because drugs are one of a few typical ways to ruin the lives. Because you are dealing with criminals and with your money supports the Mafia. Because most normal people have nothing to do and no need for it. To cheer on the weekends a little with alcohol sufficient but what purely whistle any illegal, adulterated stuff, risking trouble with the police or health? Who has the necessary who has a problem somewhere. Brief: Drugs go toward Gosse, Assi-life, misery, crime. A bad image, IMHO cope.

You have not yet Answered the question already yourself. The man has of things to Him foreign are once afraid. This is certainly good so - then in the Stone Age.

They are afraid of foreigners = foreign culture, they are afraid of drug addiction = (where most are addicted anyway). They even fear of meat-free food = deficiency symptoms.

They are afraid of everything that does not fit into the norm. And this fear is fueled by image, RTL .... So that everything remains as it is.

Anxious people you can not result in better, the mosquitoes not on. Anxious people buy insurance. Anxious people also always know who is to blame - namely THE DA.

Most they talk bad because they have learned it so drugs are bad opinion you take easy without thinking they did not even inform yourself yes. I would probably say the same thing but thank God I question for some time all I hear! Yes drugs can be dangerous and are not a toy! But you kan also quite useful to deal with them and so wonderful insights win the the life enriching.

I'm generally against something. It does nothing to hurt but you and you can live without quite well.

Anticipation. make the least drug after a single use addictive. The only thing that makes them dangerous, are the consumers. If you take drugs from real Sinneserweiternden reasons, you take 'drug' as DMT and nothing like stimulant, encourager, etc. It is the setting whose opposite and want to escape the full ******* who brought it to ban have.

Because hallucinogenic substances does not fit into the conservative ideology of the CDU / CSU.

Legalize It!

Due to lack of scrutiny of the prohibition.

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