Why is there in the summer of 2015 in Germany virtually no mosquitoes?

Do not think I fancy that there is virtually no mosquitoes in Germany gives me this year. I had not a single mosquito bite, no gnat in the apartment - a very stark contrast to all previous years that I have ever experienced. Even when I evenings at light the window to have - nothing happened, not a single mosquito in the apartment. Can anyone explain to me?

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This year, the impression of many, are significantly fewer mosquitoes in Bayern go. This is confirmed by the mosquito expert Professor Ernst-Gerhard Burmeister, who until his retirement deputy to Director of the Zoological State Collection in Munich. "These are definitely less this year than usual," said Burmeister. He attributes this mainly to two factors: the mild winter and the dry summer ....

Why is there this year so little mosquitoes - read on Augsburger-Allgemeine: http://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/bayern/Warum-es-heuer-so-wenig-Muecken-gibt-...

Too dry. Were generally fewer insects. The bulge all moisture or water for their development.

We also had seldom a mosquito in the house. But wasps and brakes are very common.

Mosquitoes live in a certain cycle, added that it is this year very dry, which may nocht mosquitoes. Wasps wedding is every seven years, including this year, I think this year is a mosquito low year

congratulations, my body is full of mosquito bites.

Now you mention it I find it strange even to a single mosquito this year

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