Why is there the dog tax?

But I am thinking on really falls me no clever reason why a dog tax is to be there .... you know it!

The best answer

The dog license fee is now only a luxury tax that does not want to do away with the communities, as they are a good source of income.

However, the money goes anyway in a large pot and thus the roads and other financing such as the car of the mayor be paid.

In my opinion it is unjustified dog owners continue to ask for cash when but cats and other pets could be equally taxed. Either all or none.

Many EU countries have already abolished the dog tax. It is about time that Germany finally come to this point.

The dog tax is purely a "penalty tax" - so that the number of dogs in the urban area is kept within limits ....

And NRW has since the beginning of another on top of it. Who a "big" dog logs (about 40 cm and / or 20 kg) must even now at least 25 euros in management fees paid to the country ....

Taxes are revenue of the state, municipalities or communities. To raise taxes, you have to come up with specific criteria by which they are payable.

One can say a flat rate that a sum to be paid X each person has (poll tax) or that everyone is taxed according to its possession or to his or her income or if he uses a particular lifestyle (entertainment tax). The imagination there is no limit.

Nor are the financial requirements of the state, municipalities and municipalities set limits. Therefore imagination go to the creation of tax and money required a one (un) holy alliance and always create new taxes.

Taxes are not bound to use for the area in which they were collected. So automotive and mineral oil must not necessarily be used for traffic and dog taxes not to remove dog poop.

But then there is still a function of the tax, namely the control. If desired z. B. Contain keeping of dogs or even just keeping certain dog, then the unwanted dogs are just taxed particularly high. If you want to promote fuel savings, a higher fuel tax would be an opportunity or if you want to promote alternative energy, then you can adopt tax breaks. Whether this behavior control over taxes actually always work as intended, stands on an entirely different matter.

Anyway, the purpose of the dog license fee is to take first place money and secondly, to keep the number of dogs at a tolerable level, bringing the number of land mines is limited.

The dog tax is a source of income for the community. Any dog ​​owner it is clear that the administration or the dirt (?) To leave a dog, something has to be paid. Although no power (such as the cleaning of the streets of dog feces) facing the. Such insightful (tolerated by taxpayers) tax models, the state / municipality not many. Ever many revenue paid by actually poorer or even the poorest people. Actually, this is shameful, but he who loves his animal pays the like.

It iost a luxury tax. who is the luxury of a dog does have to pay. Why, for example horse owners have to pay any tax Horses, however, I do not understand

The amount of dog license fee is fixed by the local authorities ... All cities are poor - there are very few places with very low or no dog license ...

the city treasurer can for everything "operate" on the dog license fee - it is not earmarked ...

A "rational" reason for the dog tax does not exist!

(... Even if some dog owners think they need due to the payment of tax on dogs no dog feces remove ...)

Simple answer: so the state can rake in even more carbon from the citizens and because the dogs vollkacken the streets, etc. and must be cleaned.


Is not that hard himself to watch ....

It is a "luxury tax" and has nothing to do with the legacy of the dogs.

It is maintained because it into the coffers flushed enough money ... But why other animals are exempt, is beyond me.

Well, in cats it may be difficult with the control but why there is no control for horses as?

because the state needs money and this brings wherever he can get it


Google 5 seconds.

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