Why is Turkey Turkey?

What are the Europeans then have guessed, to name the Ottomans Turks? That would really interest me very :)

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The Ottoman Empire encompassed yes then a much larger area and I think that today's Turkey emerged from the former Turkmenistan. One would have to now, however, old maps (political) roll, and for that I have no time.

The Ottoman Empire disintegrated then yes in Turkey, (Persia) Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Armenia, etc., parts of which were then re-conquered by the Russians / Soviets (Soviet Union) then fell apart again ...

Will explained here:

"The collective name of the nomadic peoples or nomadic peoples (the early first" Turks ") in the Central Asian region was since the 2nd millennium Türk So:. Turks and the Turkish form of the Arab Nisba -iye:" Land of the Turks "."


The Turks are a nation and "iye" means "land"


Hi, Actually, it is only in Germany that. In Turkey there is Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (TC). Here you can read further details about it. Http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C3%BCrkei . Have lots of fun with it.

Turkey's founding father Mustafa Kemal Ata Turk said. Klingeld it ???

I only heard the Atatürk it was called the country Turkey !!

The Turks have their country Türkye or so called therefore, the German took something that similar sounds -> Türkye -> Turk ei Turkey- Germany was formerly in front teutsch country holy roman empire of the German nation and sooner Germania or Germania therefore called Germany in English German y germania germany you understand?

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