Why my Chihuahua dog sheds so extreme?

Since Montys adolescence he is extremely on hair. I could for hours brush brush brush and at the end would still hair fligen through the air and when I reach him through the coat I can get him out of there bushel. In my Chihuahua dog Lucy is quite different, the small sheds only during the moulting period and within reasonably. Has Monty a vitamin deficiency? or perhaps because of his hormones?

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This often comes from food. What Fütter her? Often it is on many crops in the feed, or sometimes other substances that not at all have to be declared partially.

We had the problem since we Barfen it has become much less. Not quite clear, which is why we here and there to help with a variety of oils by, but slowly we get it under control.

Often it is because of a lack of biotin, the gift of pure biotin usually helps but no further. support the oils here are salmon oil and evening primrose oil, and flaxseed oil in exchange. In addition still helps biotin and brewer's yeast, but fight only symptoms. A change in diet can already do very advisable wine.

It is a long hair or short hair Chihuahua? Possibly He has a particularly dense / thick undercoat, or there is the food. Something may have different causes!

Mh, bad food? By this kanns well be - my got through Frankenprey so INCREDIBLY soft, plushy coat!

Otherwise wenns undercoat, try one the FURminator. The outdated everything, absolutely everything out of there. Ifs more is the top hair, pick up time and time Rupf all the bristles get out of hand. Or ne rubber brush heck do.

some dogs fluff just always, even if they are completely healthy, my being a monster. I can brush them all day and still it leaves all their white tufts (great if you almost always black bears ^^)

Closing first of which there is körperlichr causes when everything is good only help Fusselrollen and learn to live

Because he now gets his winter coat.

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