Why my slip boxer shorts?

Hi guys,

I wear boxer shorts (the long, limp-engine) and the slip always at school and on the way up, what are you doing about it?

only in passing: - I wear the smallest size - I wear the pants a little further down - am not fat

The best answer

is the size that you're wearing now, okay for you? try a large greater buying.

what to do with even the boxers a little deeper to attract, so dress the not to navel :) I wear the never higher than so ca 14 cm under the navel, and which not to slip too high.

how deep you are wearing the trousers? when the belt is very loose, then you have now and pull up the pants, and then often slip the boxers unintentionally at the same time too high. pull the belt which avoid deep and which pants pull.

hopefully this helps!

Well, who wants to be so umbedingt obercool who must suffer precisely. The wide Boxer Shorts slip up high, this has always been so and will remain so. Therefore, I also wonder why so many wear these. I recommend you close retro shorts or briefs, because there everything is good, does not wobble and does not slip. So your problem is solved and you can go to school in peace without all 10m your underpants again zurücken zurect.

can even try the brand vllt to change or wash boxers you have sometimes quite hot and then to maximum level in the dryer stuck. with me then pulls the rubber band up getting quite well together and keep better. otherwise only helps buy new and best of another company than now. one probably fall too large from although it is the smallest size just for your size.

Why do not you wear the accompanying Boxer Briefs. These are more convenient, do not slip and keep everything important in its place. In addition, they also look better.

which you slip up? how does that work?

Get regular panties xD

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