Why no one is interested in my Youtube account?

Hello, and although I have to make recently begun YouTube videos (Let's Plays). I have 1 video have it and it was only regarded few times. Why I do not get subscribers? And why when I search for my name on youtube is anything but my account? My video I can not find right but the account. Hope someone can help me. Lg

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As has already been said, there are some criteria which are responsible for whether your videos and channel is found.

1. Number of videos

2. Quality of the videos

3. Title / Name of videos

it then results

4. The number of viewers and clicks on your video (The more frequently clicked your videos more likely to appear in the search with the same terms as for finding these are the most interesting)

5. How often they were rated and divided.

Ultimately, you will not achieve anything with a single video. to be known wherever is always connected to work and time and does not go overnight. (Exceptions prove the rule)

Let's Plays there is more than enough.

Since it is to be right now particularly difficult famous. What could villeicht fold were reviews or this game videos which talk about a topic that has nothing to do with the game: D

But I would leave it the same. The chances are slim.

linstantly subscribers with the first video is unlikely. Your channel is not found because it is too unknown.

I think little advertising you'd have to make then. If seen by many as a nuisance but even large Youtuber like SpaceFrogs have confessed that they have done mehere hours DAILY Advertising send the purposes of mail or etc.

What do you think please? You just get 50 subscribers a day and thousands of connections? The few visits and especially subscribers can indeed give retreat to the quality of your videos. Must not you as surprised.

You get subscribers immediately. Especially not if one only 1 video. And besides, it's not about subscribers is about fun and subscribers then you get after a while even if you make good content.

As a small YouTuber it is really difficult to be large with good videos Do it for fun and go on and then runs it;)

Without going into the content, why should be interested in a channel with a video someone?

your video is just unintressant or boring.

Why exactly does everyone that YouTube can pay for itself? You ask as a video and - Ping - three days later I have a bunch of subscribers? You have to do something interesting, what people are interested in what you stand out from the millions of others with your hobby. YouTube searches now times always after videos. And whoever finds a video from your channel can also view the channel.

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