Why palpitations at Erbechen? Bulimia..

Had already contributing because my girlfriend .. now I've noticed that it has seemingly strong palpitations, repeatedly it .. suddenly seems to come and stop again, especially during and after vomiting it has. Even so between sometime on day should the occur. Unfortunately, it does not let himself be persuaded to work together to look at a treatment option, but I think we now make very good progress. But now I'm really worried .. What happens to their bodies? What happens if this continues? Moreover, it has a toothache, gum pain, sore throat, is very exhausted, soon are checks and, as the year's best is just really overwhelmed and unfocused .. I feel so useless .. I so afraid that she is no longer sometime ..

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So palpitations comes surrendering quite strenuous for the body and the toothache will likely come from the stomach acid

All these symptoms have a very strong damage to the body back, the palpitations she gets by overexertion, which can be very dangerous. Possibly has already affected the heart muscle. Urgent Contact your family doctor, I am also no progress. The stress test is far worse. If you what's up to her, you should then take immediate action!

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