Why pawing my dog ​​when he urinate?

Hello, my dog ​​urinate and then it runs a piece and then begins to scratch with !! Does anyone know why he does that? thank you in advance

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Hello! The question I ask myself for years. Particularly, Why doth he often pawing only 5 meters ?? I once told a reputed expert of a dog pawing was dangerous. Looks of look like that? Image, all the best.

http: //www.hundewelpen-und-hunde-aus-spanien.info/hundeverhalten/wo-und-warum-hu ...

Here I have a, you need circumferentially found explanatory link.

Next I would like to recommend a good information on the nature and behavior of the dog. Reading the you will both bring your dog and you a more fulfilling life together.

With the dog on you - to understand his character and behavior, Author: Eberhard Trumler

Costs less than a collar for your dog and you should read it necessarily. It reads easily and interesting, is not a talking shop.

Dogs therefore rummage on the floor, even wolves do this. You do it because by the scraping of the smell of urine distributed better and lasts longer. In order to mark their territory.

The really wants his / her pee kacka zuscherren You know what I mean?

The dogs make to their marking to protect, so that another not equal trickles over! Hope you understand ....?!

This may be a sign of stress or just macho posturing be.

makes my also, is quite normal.

This is the expression for: P "Have done!"

He marked his revier

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