Why people turn so quickly from me?

There is something that I actually already a life long employed namely, I noticed that the people I meet or met turn away from me quickly and turned away.
I can not really explain it. I've always been a quiet person and also a bit shy. I am also very helpful and a good listener. I do anyone anything, am friendly. Of course I also bad sides. I can, if you me very pressing in the corner, be very bitchy and scratchy. One quickly loses interest in me and I really do not know why. I must also admit embarrassingly, I have no friends. Of course I know people with whom I take something if you have time but that are then but only people with whom I can only report when it comes to partying. To talk or a trustworthy person I can trust, I did not.

What do you think about it?

Thank you in advance.

The best answer

The whole life is a self-reflection, so people must have necessarily to do with the relationship with yourself.

I think that no one can stand with you because you are no longer interesting person. You want dazugehoeren, Connection and why you think it must do all right. Since you then but do not have rough edges you are for other uninteresting if they had longer to do with you.

Get yourself a hobby, or go even bessr in a sports club. There you automatically learn people know who all have the same hobby, they can not flee before you, and you whatâ philosophize about the same subject.

And for others you'll also interesting because you now angehst own projects and you not so much to teach them.

(And sports is good for you, but I do not say that out loud, right?)

If already, head high and ruter off the sofa!

I can, if you me very pressing in the corner, be very bitchy and scratchy.

Try to find out by what circumstances you're backed into a corner and feel judged if that's presumptuous or not.

You should go among people, perhaps in a club and you should be a little more quiet do not react, just so irritated

Choir, sports club, dance club, ...

To give you concrete advice, an assessment with no guarantee, you would personally should you get to know.

Vllt you bore people just or workest repellent, on the distance one can see the bad estimate. Try going to a therapist.

eiegtnlich solllte each look forward to another friend. hang yourself with easy off somewhere and bring your opinion always self-conscious with a. I eg finds gut that you are friendly, shy and quiet at times occasion will crabby. everything normal.

Quiet - shy - helpful - bitchy - crabby - to party ...... a bit much, what is there confusion - what should because jamand else involved?

Are you perhaps FOR nice and helpful so that others are bored? Being nice is good, but you should still little "bite" and have not fallen to the mouth;)

Welcome to the club since I was naughty I have no one more

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