Why recognizes BIOS the RAM latch but does not start Windows?

Hello everybody,

have the following problem:

I've bought from G.SKILL to make today a 4GB DDR3 1600 Operative memory to my computer a bit faster. Now I have the problem that the BIOS although this 4GB recognizes but windows will not start. what can I do?

Mainboarddatenbank: Intel DH55TC

Processor: Intel core i3 cpu

hope someone can help quickly "

The best answer


The Windows can not start, can not lie on the elaboration memory, unless you've made a bad buy and buy either too high Mhz, or capacity for Minboard.

Otherwise, it may produce only be connected to the hard drive, which was villeicht not put back properly to the motherboard?

If you are a whole, only this one RAM with 4GB dogwood have now, could it be that you have set the lock in the wrong slot? (Ram always Closest to the CPU)

Could be because the the board supports only 1333/1066 MHz DIMMs.

what does it say for an error message why windows can not be started?

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