Why scratches you could ever ?!

Why do so many people, especially young women? What makes you doing? In addition, it's pure self-mutilation ..

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I can only tell how I was doing and what I think. I'm hurting myself since I was eleven and I do not scratch. I started lessons later. I did not know that it even exists scratch. I have nowhere copied it, had no internet and read it anywhere. So it is certainly not always adhere to the so-called "fad".

Slebstverletzen is not always scratch. One can graze, one can arm while hitting against the wall until it is blue, smack with a hair band until one is bloody (that's why I'm also wary of Skills, because some have started like), one can punish yourself by not eating (anorexia) or eaten auskotzt (bulimia) can itself isolate (yes that's a self injury man is in fact a being that lives from nature in groups) Actually too much alcohol and smoking is generally also self-defeating. Of course, no one wants to hear or know.

For me it was so that my inner pain was so great that I felt nothing when I scratched myself or even injured. Äuserlich I felt nothing just inside the pressure has been diminishing. And yes, it is at the moment feel good. However, I would NOT know. People who will not scratch learn never know that feeling and that's a good thing. Because it is and remains a disease which belongs treated. And although I'm clean, I still feel the reverberations of feeling when I got injured. It seems to me that the comparison with a drug addict fits. The watch has a lifetime that he will not reoffend.

YES, it is self-mutilation. You are right. There is also no explanation. It is bad and it is not normal. It is a disease. And I know myself nciht what to write on it.

Many people react to such fine blessed scars. They despise one or you will be excluded from the group. They do not even know all about it. They are ignorant and punish those affected it. And you know what, this is discrimination in my eyes. I think you should each take as it is. And if you do not like any that's okay. No one can any love. But because of an illness or appearance? That's not okay. I have nothing if he wears against my opposite eg a wart on the nose or has cancer or AIDS. But one can not nähmlich.

I hope my answer helped you.

It may be that they have psychic pain and by this scratched feel also the pain "scribing" they are trying to reach the pain. Others just want attention, but most fall is so like trendy clothes. Everyone wants to buy immediately. It's simple trend. So if a lot of people in the environment of a person to scratch, this person might think: "OK, all scratched up, I'll do that too." which leads then in most fall looking to a kind. People take pictures of their wounds and send photos to other people who scratch themselves. This is such a comparison, who can endure the most pain and who is the strongest. So a kind of test of courage also. So if you are a person who carves ask why they do that, you get usually the answer: "Because I mean reach psychic pain." But if you nachfragst continue to the beginning, they do not know most of why she scratched at all. You lie to yourself and say again and again that they do that in order to defeat the pain. You think about suicide after, quote eerie and sad sentences from books that describe how they feel and take their swords with you everywhere. They do not realize the illogicality here. You might also enjoy a bit of the attention when others are worried about her. I hope my answer could help you. I spoke from my experience, the way I should perhaps mention that I did not crack.

Best wishes

I would say everyone feels etws else there are different reasons why people scratch mostly psychological (eg skill to suicidal thoughts) selbstbestrafund I think the least make it easy like langewile or I belong would say the deeper one carves up the greater the problems or they have been so long that it is simply an addiction and you can not help because it is increasingly yes (deeper and more often) it is actually quite a stupid idea to burn cut the own body .... but looking at these moments you vileicht kenen other ausweg.Da most their scars versteken I do not believe that there are many sin which they want to make fun or attention

I was the times stated: To relieve tension, or because they themselves do not feel otherwise.

Certainly this is difficult to understand. This is probably because that the scribing is an expression of a mental illness. Perhaps one must have experienced it, to "understand" it. Still, I wish it really does not ...

I did it with about 12 for a while and even can tell you my reasons: Because I was greatly depressed. I had the urge to kill me, but of course that did not really. Therefore, self-injury was a 'compromise'. In addition, a direct physical pain for a while on the psychic.


I was injured for a long time even. Here's my experience with this addiction ...

The shapes of the SIA

As self-injurious behavior (short SIA) refers to a variety of "techniques", which one applies to himself. Thus the person wants to inflict pain itself. There are the external and internal self-harm. Among other things, the following items are counted under SIA:

  • scribing. This is by far the most common form of the SIA, which you cut his skin with a knife, blade or other sharp objects. Most of the non-dominant (sub) is affected arm.
  • the uprooting of hair
  • Consumption of toxic substances
  • Taking pills
  • occur multiple times hitting parts of the body against an object until hematoma (bruising)
  • The extreme fingernails chewing (the typical chewing of nervousness is not counted them)
  • Eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa

Many times forming Affected then in suicide, especially in the first three forms.

Causes of the SIA

The SIA can have many causes. Very often this is caused by psychological problems that may be caused by:

  • mobbing
  • traumatic experiences
  • Abuse by parents or other persons, also sexually

Especially the former means that sufferers have no Selbstbewsusstsein. They hate themselves and concerned with the self-injury. You feel for something guilty. Can not make it to cope with their problems, which is why they see no other way than to hurt themselves. Many also feel unloved and lonely. I am former sufferers and for me it was so that I was somehow callous. Other people I have of course not shown. But at some point a huge emptiness of the guilt. Then you try to feel yourself and hurt yourself. Then you can feel the pain stop, but even that passes eventually. I scratched myself, for example. At some point one carves deeper, first scares you, but then you find that good again, etc. I have therefore tried to punish myself because I was bullied very long time. Even my grandma died. Anyway, I also got school problems because I ate everything into me. I tried to compensate for problems with it. And I felt "liberated" with each cut.

The problem arises from the fact is this: In the long run this brings nothing, everyone knows that. I also knew that. However, there is a sometime downright matter and you just do it. Now one carves deeper, and you always want this "be happy" feel. We see no other way to be happy, and is trapped in this vicious circle. So SIA is an addiction.

Can you all read here in my tip:
https: //www./tipp/selbstverletzendes-verhalten --- causes-form-we ...

I hope I could help you and have answered your question quite well;)


I have described a skilled work on Borderline and me this busy in fed with the symptom of self-injury. I copied the easy times in here.

4.3.2 Self-Harm Self-Harm (SIA) is the intentional degradation of the body without the intent to kill. It is one of the nine DSM-IV criteria, which meet 60-90% of those affected and therefore a key feature of borderline, it is usually used to decrease negative emotions. Some of these behaviors, such as smoking, drinking, or some extreme sports are socially accepted, but most will not. A subspecies of the SIA is the high-risk behavior. This implemented deliberately in for to bring to dangerous situations. Women balancing partially on bridges or dancing on the train tracks, whereas men often provoke others or fight. In addition to high-risk behavior of substance abuse, food deprivation or binge eating are other forms of indirect self-harm. (See. Rahn 2011, p 67, Dulz / Herpertz / Kernberg / Sachsse 2000, p 143)

Direct auto aggressive behaviors are widespread cutting or scratching the skin with a sharp object, as well as the beating of the head against a hard surface, burning with boiling water, cigarettes or an iron, the infliction of puncture wounds, injection of waste water, opening the abdominal wall or burns. The injuries usually take place on the extremities and rarely in the head or torso. One third of all subjects beginning with that behavior to elementary school age. SIA meets almost all people not concerned with incomprehension, some even disgust, but it has a relatively simple background: First of all perceive almost all patients in the self-harm no pain for several reasons. By frequent self-harm, the general perception of pain is reduced, the pain will be displaced and also be more endorphins secreted by a defect in the brain than in normal individuals.

These are also the reason for the above-mentioned practices. The endorphins are anesthetic for the wound, but also for emotions and tensions, they act (as little pain is present) so relaxing. SIA is therefore an artificial emotion regulation. The body trained at these behaviors, creating an addiction. When high-risk behavior, however, dangerous situations are triggered, the body releases adrenaline, dopamine and other hormones, which create a feeling of alertness, vitality and body awareness, all of which feelings are the many Border liners missing. After the above-mentioned reasons for SVV follow self-punishment and the regaining of control by some distance, the striving for compassion, help and care to get there hardly before. Death is not intended in all of this, but may be a consequence. (See. Bohus / Reicherzer 2012 S. 19-22, Dulz / Herpertz / Kernberg / Sachsse 2000, p 147, p 390-405)

For any questions the comment here, hope it helped.

Hello, So the "sense" is meant only correct if you yourself affected There is another way to solve problems or pain almost to I process was itself times short time affected but then got fortunately fast enough checked the my first brings nothing except unsightly scars and, secondly, the problems are not solved it / off are lg.


So I'm 18 and ritz me. However, I do not do that from attention, the setting that is nobody and I hide quite well.

I'm depressed and need to relieve my tension, because otherwise I sometimes cramp and violent shaking. There is a certain valve for me to transfer emotional pain to the physis. Maybe it helps you further?

Take care :)

I would also like to know. Although this sounds now nasty: I sometimes have the impression that this is currently ritzen become fashionable. Please do not misunderstand, in some stuck certainly psychological problems behind. But as often as is currently occurring, it seems as if many would scratch to "belong to".

because they want something 'feel'

If girls are not satisfied with their bodies (when they are so bullied example), they want to leave out the anger on their bodies and kill himself.

can be googled fine on self-injury - Wikipedia

1 can be googling 2 has to be interested in your idea are you affected? 3 it may be self-mutilation but someone who does not suffer of it will never understand.

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