Why some people are attacked warscheinlicher / beaten than others?

Meal, you know yes sure if the city is sometimes alone at night or in ner foreign city at the station, and it's going halt Only rum or so and is attacked or annoyed.

I am not concerned grants but know several people is which happens sowas times: D but when I could not understand it, about 1.90m martial artist, more like a show-off type and has at the station of 2 normal people cashed clamps.

But when I sometimes see what rumlaufen for "much lighter victims" on the road, and where nothing happens?

Nen buddy of mine for example is quite normal 1.80m not particularly trained or whatever to not even someone looks daft.

So I understand this is not why are some simply dressed always stupid währrend certain people as hobby gangsters running around and where nothing happens? Must yet ihrgendwas special to give people what they can act seriously or making them look as "perfect sacrifice".

I do not want anyone attacked or the like, I ask only out of interest! MFG

The best answer

Of course it must give something to the people. weak and thin people are naturally easier to attack. Because they just can not resist that.

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