why space ride is so expensive?

hydrogen and oxygen can be so expensive but nich, even if: you can but with electrolysis produce (electricity from solar cells)

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Because everything is employed there from-scratch is developed and tests have to prove its usefulness in hundreds if not thousands of load simulation and real-time. Nothing is so heavily loaded as spacecraft at launch. No one wants to sit in a rocket falling or exploding easily disassembled at the end. Still, there are in the space rarely a way back. Is the engine at times goes also upwards. Is what wrong, that's mostly for the crew. So all appropriate care is not only tested until you drop, but also in the development shown. This costs time by many people. And work is expensive. In contrast, the material costs are negligible. Similar to an airplane of money in the development in infected, assembly and test. Not in the material.

Astronauts need to be well paid engineers research for years on new technologies, the space shuttles are made of special material that needs to keep the great heat, which is more fuel quantity enormous number Technicker ensure that the complicated engineering works. As already adds up ...

the most expensive is not necessarily the "easily push" of the equipments of the gravity field of the earth, but the consuming device, which the people in a vacuum chamber at life gets: Only the disposal of faecal needs a "own" airlock. having not even for "free" is the research and the devices that need to be taken to osteoporosis preparedness: without this one would have expected that crumble the bones during or after landing on the earth the astronauts.

the distributor for the aerospace are expensive. the fuel is cheap

Because 300,000 engineers and experts of production for years need a good salary.

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