Why successful drilling in the concrete wall not -despite impact drill and concrete drill -

Hello everybody!

I want to hang three shelves on my wall. Unfortunately, these are a concrete wall. I have a hammer drill from Bosch bought (BOSCH PSB 500) and the matching concrete drill. Despite switched hammer action but I can not get into the wall.

According to the manual, but it creates up to 10mm diameter in concrete .. However, I have noticed that there additional parts are listed yet, I have not ..

I need a special accessory? Do I have the wrong device for my walls? If I buy a hammer or a larger device intended?

Please help me, I'm really perplexed.

Best wishes,


The best answer

BOSCH PSB 500 - Well, Amateur machine. You can recognize this at Bosch alone already on the housing color, the really good parts have a blue case, yours is green.

However, if a question of price, you have a machine for something around 40 Euros, it gets you, are brought out good tool, not even long clever concrete drill.

Concrete, really difficult. The next problem is likely to be your drill. Is this a hardware store o Billigteil, you can drill until you're old and gray. That you recognize the price. A set of concrete drills for 30 Euro may be nothing. Was the drill might present at the machine, good for the sowiso only for drilling butter and Styrofoam.

For concrete one takes best a Bohhammer, so what really big. also drills that really what endure. Every euro you save funzt Your drill worse afterwards to that.

Class machines with SDS-bit reception. But as I said, until you've got what clever in hand, you have eye give a few Hunderterchen.

Admixtures there, no. A clever drill, a great machine off and you hastein 10 mm hole, 10 cm depth in 5 to 8 seconds loose inside.

With a hammer drill you have a bad hand in concrete. As the only solution is a hammer drill.

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