Why talk women more than men?

Good evening, I heard about a study that women can say 7000 words a day on average, and men only come to 2000th How is that possible ??

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We only live few years ago in a mixed society where the man u Women have the same functions in society. For thousands of years women stay at home in a narrow space and have thus also talk a lot, men go hunting or aud the field so u must because the work talk and little ...! That's why talking men so little ...

Men are polite, so they do not interrupt the woman and let her speak. The result is that men only come to speak, when the women are finished, and then remains no longer hold as much time.

Perhaps because women blaspheme more, have more topics of conversation and talk about the latest things: D

Because women need to tell an entire novel about a small matter to describe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because men simply do not dare to open!

has for women talk a social component for men is only the exchange of information

A man a word a woman a dictionary. This is well known. Men get to the point faster and are not as diplomatic as women. Diplomacy is good but not always :-))

Men just do not need so many words to understand yourself ^^

You have to speak louder.

Men do not rumzicken :-D

that's still the Stone Age, which lies just inside as the men with the women

Because women think about much more things

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