Why tell parents that we should ignore the homeless?

Hello community. Bin 14, male and do not understand why parents always tell us that we should ignore the homeless, and should give them no money. Whenever I see one, I'll do anything, just because the parents. But that breaks my heart. I deserve not even my own money, but if I'm going to do that, I'll donate. For me, that is the greatest joy when someone 'thank you' tells me. I'm sure that if someone would donate for getting a trophy, would make it safe. For me, just feel enough. Why do parents, and why so many ignore the homeless?

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I can understand you well, giving the still what. The thing is that there is a homeless home and that there is support for them only are some too proud to take advantage of them and many spend their money instead of food, ect. Alcohol and the adults do not want their children to donate their pocket money for the beer of many homeless ^^

You have a beautiful and very social setting. Unfortunately, such a good nature is also often exploited. What I want sageb that one can no longer rely on today, that every beggar from a "REAL" beggar's and it has needed to get money from social fellows.

Unfortunately, this caution, place the many people that day, because they do not want to cheat, much to the chagrin of such people who really live by begging.

But strictly speaking, it has really even in Germany nobody needed. Clear it is to live by Hartz4 not just in the lap of luxury, but starve nobody needs. And if you officially donate to an organization, then you can also make tax-claim your donation. BUT, even here there is a downside, because organizations must also be self-financing, which means that not your entire donation is applied for what you wanted to actually donate.

I deserve not even my own money, but if I'm going to do that, I'll donate.

You do that then in fact a month when you earn your own money, this donation is called taxes and social security.

The Most data homeless need slipped money. Everyone could go and apply at least Hartz4. Those who do not ... Why should we pay into the unemployment insurance, in the end for people in Germany, which does not itself have plenty AND additionally pay even people on the street money?

If you which already plan to make what, give them ne Hat, ne can of dog food for the dog or NEN sandwich. If you give them money, is first assumed that it either, therefore, go and pick up a bottle of brandy and the next shot. If there are children, there are most likely the parents who send them to beg off. That you do not know precisely. What do they do with NEM sandwiches is a much safer.

Probably your parents of the homeless have heard that not beg for themselves, but which are brought by others in a city and in the evening met and must submit the collected money.

First, I find your attitude very well. However, it is often so that people say but donate if it is then it matters they do not. Many people are simply "stingy" to and want their own well which is in some sense also fine. Add to this the many homeless people are not really homeless, but just pretend to still dusting a little pocket money. Some people are unfortunately way. Besides these give most homeless do that for Alk and drugs and do not want the donor.

How many arguments may spend it, why can we ignore the outsiders quiet, it is the attempt his ignorance, his greed and his lack of compassion nice to talk. Yes give away what ..... I do always like. No matter what kind of judgments we advance it before judge. The focus of all people is always: "What do I get out" and have more. Nice that you put the focus on FREE.

Because the vast majority obtain from the social security office money and then drown the flat.

But precisely, I give almost always something not always money.

Many see homeless more or less lazy people that do not contribute to the general public and from this reason should not be supported.

You've always been right. Losers of the system should be helped. Especially if you're a good person who NEN bit more empathy than the rest of the population is, it's hard for you to see with how these people find it more difficult than you. Often this is from your / or many parents a protective reaction to preserve the children the sight of this "outcast of society." Or they fear that any "pusher gangs" behind the little beggars stuck from the corner. Ask most times your own parents and listen to exactly what they have to say, at the same time you make them but also your perspective disclose.

Because they are öffters drunk forbidden e do things

I think they are afraid because they do not know these people or they are disrespectful and think that these people sit on the street because they have no desire to work or no education. So the typical thought of because: "They have themselves to blame.". I think it's good that you think about it. Draw your own thing. Everyone finally decides. Even though I find it rather unfortunate that there are people who walk past simply because so close almost the eyes to reality. I think you should always keep the thought in mind: "What if I were in their place ?. It's just a small act of charity.

That's fear. Afraid of their own powerlessness. I give them what. And if you've left something, then do it. In summer, I wonder if they want an ice cream, in the winter I buy them a sandwich or a coffee. I have not yet regretted.

Because there are plenty of homeless people who buy alcohol for the money. If you want to do something, ask if you can give them a sandwich or buy a coffee.

Because you never know whether the beggars are alcoholics begging because they have no mood to work or whether they actually have no other prospects. Unfortunately, there are too many of those who drink and simply do not have the mood to work and I would not give my money. If you want to help a homeless man, then you should try to get this off the road, donations bring most anything anyway because of cigarettes or alcohol to buy.

In D or E nobody has to live on the streets, there was plenty of help. However, there are in the institutions stop also rules (no booze, no rioting, no drug) and it, some do not want to keep, then draw the road ahead. Is ok if so fit for them. I, however, prefer to donate for such property that cares and tries to prop up the people again and integrate as with my donation may finance the individual his next noise or even his golden shot ...

Hi ....! When I have gelsen what I thought a good human being! :) I came Sir dje frafe answer there are people who do so and people again, not well but we recognize it most if it seriously or face ass ,, begging "is

LG susi

Unfortunately there are many negative examples the begging gangs then "cripple" from Romania brought to beg, the bag money one other and drive their SLK thereof.

Also unfortunately, much is invested in Alk.

Sorry can not help the whole world one.

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