Why the DAX broke so?

Why the DAX at 26.03 and 03.27.2015 broke so strong?

The best answer

Much uncertainty on the markets with respect. Future development in Greece and Ukraine, to the German Wings crash. The DAX was already heavily overbought. Then, when a flood of ugly news comes, then correct the courses halt before.

A real "crash" but that was not. Only a dent.

Because the DAX only reflects the sale or purchase, so the demand for certain shares.

Exaggerated said:

Can Obama a fart, the stock market reacts with purchases because Obama has a good digestion. The index rises.

But if Brown case, Obama has diarrhea and the courses whiz in the basement.

Because sometimes reaches only a rumor and the dealer spin the wheel!

since any information has been anticipated and the market has just responded. Such price swings are far from rare. Roughly perhaps 1-1.5% increase, then 3% down and back up a little. By breaking one can certainly not speak here and 'strong' certainly not.

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