Why the name Lubitz is still abbreviated?

Andreas Lubitz was the first officer who has deliberately flown 149 people to their deaths. A mass murderer - as Mohammed Atta or Anders Breivik. Such mass murderers are unfortunately of contemporary society. Nevertheless, the media shorten the name Lubitz still considerate with "L." from. Why?

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In Beate Zschäpe it interested anyone that the process is not yet completed and how are their relatives. But Beate Zschäpe is indeed right and therefore outlawed.

Many media use very well the full name. Out of consideration to the family of his name but is now reduced again. Oh, I can well understand, because what the family because her son now join in I Want anyone. Ps. I live near montabaur. And what have driven the media there almost a hunt.

Because that has to do with what would would you think if your uncle would it be and your last name is everywhere in newspapers ??

Because the evidence process is not yet complete! It's anyway an absurdity that the last name is clearly stated.

The bad thing is that the members of the offender simply have a shitty life now. I think since the name can be as good as possible be covered up. In addition, a self-name brings nothing anyway.

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