Why the war crimes of the Allies is not a major concern against the Germans in history under maybe?

I mean for example, that after the war (1945 by 1950) more German died / been killed, died as a moment during the entire World War 2, by forced famine (as official postwar politics), of mass murder of German prisoners of war and civilians, or the millions of rapes of German women / girls and the robbery of approximately 300 000. German patent and intellectual property by the Allies
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Because there are very few about the evidence and it is also a whole did not come to more than 5 charges.

I'm talking now only of the alleged capture of German soldiers with white banner.

First of all, some criticism: It is completely false that after the war more German to have died than in all of World War II. This assumption may show that you should deal a little more with the war and the German crimes down first. Now my criticism of the other respondents: history must not be overlooked. This denying with a cheap excuse because of "counter-statement" and compulsively on a
hold national-collective victim-offender scheme is lowest kindergarten level. There were many German perpetrators, but not to see that perpetrators can become victims or some people were also without perpetrators to victims, is a feat of mental laziness. Now to your question: people with little knowledge of history or an inferior intellect, whether in school or on the sofa in front of the telly, the crimes of the Allies might overemphasize the Germans against the Nazi crimes. This is not "counter Computing" - there is nothing calculated, it is often not thought much about it. Before "Against Convert" have but again those fear who are responsible for education and media content (journalists, people school institutions etc.). However, this fear is not justified, because Germany would clearly lower anyway. The fools who do not think about the content, which will continue to be so stupid and bring their stupidity already expressed elsewhere.

There will never be a clean war, war crimes, there are always on all sides. No serous history teacher is therefore Katyn Nemersdorf, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, .... leave unmentioned. But here is also a question of weighting: An overemphasis of those territories could easily the effect that you could try to offset the atrocities against each other. Crimes are despicable, whether before, on or after a war, no matter by whom committed!

We should beware of a set-off also for another reason, we would namely damn look bad here, what are a few thousand patents now long obsolete technologies over the murder machine Auschwitz, Majdanek, Sobibor, ... I say this as a concerned party, who has lost the war father, brother, and home ownership.

willste the crimes of the Germans ran out compared with those which they had to insert a loser? Since the Germans would lose, I just say "Aryan master race"

I mean for example, that after the war (1945 by 1950) more German died / been killed, died as a moment during the entire World War 2,

My you what you want, but you will have your assertions can not prove the simple reason that they are wrong.

if you read history you should always make sure who wrote it at what time and for whom.

history is always the history of a viewer thought.

therefore read eg old newspapers and you hear something completely different than what the history books. Although they often say not wrong but that usually stands between the lines can not hear. you can hear it better if one compares the Different newspapers example of a day or for example a mirror or a star. in modern times.

otherwise, here are the newspapers of Switzerland or Austria and read if you kenntise foreign language then also from this country.

in the history of the sold you a lot about the misfortune of reading involved.

what bad is that almost nothing was worked up after the war and only a few were in therpie. so much has over days to the children and kinderskiner and much not wiessen why one way and not another is.

the unspoken vibrating long with.

For me, the reason is clear, which I will never deviate. And although I do not even come from Germany - I will deny no Holocaust, but I am sure that what we in history much more violent and displayed is worse than it was then. Distort history. Hitler's actions were diabolical, but the idea and the intuition behind it has disturbed some powerful group. Thus Germany would deliberately later been worse and really pushed all in Germany.

That would be as if you were a man in knife into his chest ram, smash with a hammer his skull, legs break and he bites you in anger in the hand. And you want to condemn him for this bite? Understand what I mean? It put out of proportion.

The winner writes the history

I am one of the last here who has experienced the time.

The question is legitimate.

Was it "the Germans" who were responsible for the Holocaust, or a small racist minority? What the women raped had committed for wrongs that have been sold in the East?

I was in American and British prisoners of war. I was treated very well, unlike my comrades in Russia. I was in the Ukraine. Where you now again strikes the heads. The people there were people like you and me. Whether they like it there war? There, too, the winner will write the story.

After a long time since the 2nd World War it would be appropriate to consider the story realistic.

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