Why tomato price different each day?

Hello I like to go to my favorite supermarket with R around the corner. But every day the price changes for my beloved cherry tomatoes. They then are not in advertising or are reduced. Why is that??? Can anyone explain to me?

Why do I have to accept that as a buyer? When is the best day to purchase them? When the price is at its lowest in a week?

Thanks and regards

The best answer

Every day? This is actually uncommon. Weekly rates are however common. If the R stands for Rewe, these are often private traders. Enter the name Rewe, Rewe buy and take part in their actions, but are independent business people. Thus, they can also play a little with the prices. The tomatoes, however, for example, 2.49 / kg to sell if they generally are for 1.49 at Rewe in advertising they are not allowed because they are contractually bound rate in such matters.

It depends on where the product is purchased and at what price. After that then sets the selling price. And when the season for these tomatoes, they are even cheaper.

The selling price depends on the purchase price, and may vary.

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