Why used the Bundeswehr the G36?

Why used the Bundeswehr the G36 instead eg HK416 / 417 is what I understand a lot better?

The best answer

The question is asked as something wrong.

There is not "the G36". There is a certain, very cheap, version of it, for the Bundeswehr decided. At that time the army was not an army for foreign assignments, but that has changed, and suddenly meet the requirements are no longer the reality.

The G36 itself is a good weapon. The civilian variant thereof has as a much thicker run. Since the problem does not occur. And that has nothing to do with continuous or single fire. 20 rounds with the Bundeswehr rifle and then you meet moving targets only if you emptied a whole magazine in continuous fire. And that's really bad.

make marksmen with SL8 (G36 in civil) 60 shots and more in a very short time without any problems.

That, however, the point of impact at hot geschossenem cycle changes is normal. Some hunting weapons also have a very thin marker. Since the hunter pays the zeroing out that the run is only cooled down again before the next shot follows.

In other words: The Bundeswehr's guilt. She then just acquired a weapon for peacetime and suddenly enters the emergency. Just as the German version of the Tiger combat helicopter today hardly what is usable. The thing was designed in the 80s to fight Soviet tanks, only for he is good. Nevertheless, he is stubborn developed and built.

The issue is especially a matter of simply promoting German industry with taxpayers' money and to safeguard jobs. Whether the products are ready for use, is secondary.

The greatest heat is generated during firing itself. Whether now prevail 30 or 40 degrees outside temperature is as irrelevant. As long as the army on their own shooting ranges hilarious so was not a problem yet. This rifle should take on 400 meters already something. In the Bundeswehr each cartridge is counted. Since it could not stand the fire in bursts, the run can be forgiven. Although the G36 is easier I would at any time the old G3 this weapon every discussion is dependent vorziehen.Wenn your life thereof superfluous.

The criteria, which spoke for the introduction of the G36 in 1990, included the ease of use, the lower weight, the adjustment to the usual in NATO caliber 5,56x45 and the low price of the equivalent of almost 700 euros.

Because the decision to G36 is in 1997 a lot and to have the HK416 only since of 2005.

In addition, the HK416 is more expensive to manufacture and suffers from some of the typical deficiencies Ar15 type.

Why is actually each at one weapons expert?

I take at times, it was cheaper from the price and we anyway not as the state are dems important is to have ne tech army, such as USA. The investing yes oodles funds into the military. Perhaps the G36 met the requirements. What has the army of yes you read in the news ....

Because the Bundeswehr a good gun for little money wanted. As the G36 has offered. Has only to hack the heat gun, the deteriorated ...

Oh by the way I wanted to throw in the room here again, that Americans hunt their M16A4 / M4A1 every few weeks in the media as a sow through the village.

Because all lobbyists

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