Why usually stick to younger Golf driver stickers on the rear window?

most are there so claims it as: brakes makes the wheels dirty

or Leider Geil!

http: //www.amazon.de/Sticker-Bomb-Set-Autobahnfreak-Verschiedene/dp/B00QFBPLCA/r ...

and then as a smiley grinning and is also on the side on the picture to see

Question now is how does a golf driver 3 so what? If he wants to provoke and the people who will see the yet aggressive or?

The best answer

Ähhhhhhhm I do not think they want to provoke others, some see that as a decoration.

Naja ich finds cool. But even if the golf a little more power than the stock delivers ^^

Date: 2019-01-10 Views: 3

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