Why want to buy buyers and sell business?

I need your help because I soon write a Powi work

The best answer

"The economy" can ever occur to any junk, the principle NOBODY really needs and then fueled by the corresponding advertising the "need-" the compelling to buy, no matter how useful that is. MY pattern for over a hundred years "needed" NO human dose coffee or capsules, to prepare an "ordinary coffee" can. THEN came the company philips with their "senseo" and since then turn on the electrical appliances manufacturer together with the coffee roasters at large wheel and continually offer new krempel which must match to heaven sake merely NOT somehow.

As with Exchange 5000 years ago: a need of what the other has done. Why did he? Because he can and it's good. Why should like the others that have? Because he needs it and can not produce itself.

can forge only those who have iron, the hook needs of agriculturists but where there is no iron. So even comes to trading.

Helps to think that?

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