Why we are excluded from the redevelopment?

Hello. I am rebuilding in the housing cooperative, and dwell in the Goslar district Jürgenohl. In this area there are many houses that belongs to the reconstruction. Most homes are have been renovated to the latest state. Only in the street where I live (Lauenburger Strasse), it has remained at the level of the 60s. The paint on the houses crumbling, there is much to do in the big house week, especially on the ground, as more white Bröckelchen are from the roof to the floor because the roof is crumbling. Our heaters are What, have thin laminations and where the heat only from above comes out and if you want to have hot water, you have to use the boiler. We have often nachgehakt in the reconstruction, but we are excluded. But that must surely have a strong reason why the tenants meissten provitieren of the reconstruction of a Moderniesierung but few are really crude disadvantaged. Man, why is that?

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Vlt. Your Blockdemnächst is intended for demolition.

When my mother-that's the case. She is now 83 and need to get out in 3 years.

Veilleicht it is a financial issue and you can not do everything at once just.

And have to do anything as long as one can use the leased property without restriction of the landlord.

If one has defects then makes you a notice of defect and can possibly reduce the rent reasonable.

Before the demolition is not rehabilitated.

Often some of the objects are on the new list, since the substance is so dilapidated that demolition and rebuild is cheaper. It will thereby also the spaces made larger and improved energetically on

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