why whimpers my dog ​​and is so restless? What can I do?

Dear readers,

To our situation: my hundi is 11 months old. He's a dog, breed Yorkshire Terrier. He is very clever, always quite active. He is well mentally and physically engaged by us and promoted eg through lots of exercise, play, searchable and educational games. He may also be some details such as sitting, down (space), paw, roll, male, todstellen etc .. he just need new challenges and makes also happy. The learning toy eat with whom we have the same in the highest level brought. After a day he had to get out everything and it was boring for him after a week. For fellows he has regular contact. Three times a week we visit other dogs in the family. A yorkshire terrier in the same age a biewer yorkshire 2 years old and sometimes other dogs of the family or of friends. He rages from right ...

Until 2 months he has heard great for us, because others were already amazed. But since he has completely changed his behavior. He whimpers much in all conceivable situations. He runs wildly, finds no rest. In females it can no longer control himself, because he has only one thing in mind. Generally, he wants to climb anything, only herrchen and mistress he does not. If you hold him back or scolds him, he whimpers really loud, trying to tweak us even. For several weeks he whimpers in the car through the entire journey. Neither ignore nor grumble water syringe for flowers get him calmed. We are not sensitive to it and not palpable or too strict. However, he has his rules, which he had otherwise kept. Her health is good for him. Two veterinarians have checked it through and found nothing. I feel that his behavior-is hormones to, because since he is so "bebedürftig" he behaves that way. And the behavior strongly increases in female dogs. Then you can slow him hardly. He then hears hardly and can not calm the. Even if one puts him in a calm situation, he is panting mad, raging heart, he fufühlt at very warm and must constantly watch what happens in the environment and can not remain lying a minute. I do not want to neuter him, would like to help him differently and, if necessary, if nothing helps try to hormone-chip. I know that dogs behave very often to wrong education and / or lack of employment can be traced back as our dog but actually always super belongs and is very well employed and promoted, and much has pet contact, I think that his behavior in our case a has another cause. Maybe someone knows the problem and has great ideas for us. Looking forward answer about friendly and helpful :-)

The best answer

Hello, beforehand, I'm not a dog trainer, but try to answer the question as well as possible. I think that the Hundi in puberty. With half a year puberty begins in dogs and keeps mostly to up to 18 months. At the time, the dog / puppy interested mostly more for its environment than for the holder. He just wants the world outside to explore and ignored commands u. Ä. Power still continue with workouts, games and other things even if it does not work as well as before. Is he well educated before puberty, then he is this good phase survive and then again be the old man. Utilizes while exercising at a high incentive to offer his favorite treats. Do not give up if it actually is at puberty, then education is not lost. My dogs have also behind, were sometimes rather difficult at the time, but today they are prima educated. Your Yorkie certainly also. Hope I could help a little :) LG Terrier Girl

Thanks in advance for the reply. How did you do this "puberty take" a good manager. Since he no longer hears so well in his "rappel" and so much more pfiept rum, I'm afraid that he later no longer hear so well. Him seems currently no consequence to bother really. Have iht as tips? And what can you do that it no longer whimpers that. If he wants to go the hours that way. And since nothing bothers him. And ignore brings nothing unfortunately.

Well that sounds to after puberty. Has also had my. I have not castrated him and with time is that then. Just ask the TA what he means, sure this is due to the hormones.

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