Why you do not see Krav Maga professionals in competitions?

Why you never see in competitions like UFC use the Krav Maga people? Is it because Krav Maga self defense or it can not keep up with the techniques from other sports?

I want no stupid answers from people who are not familiar Thanks!

The best answer

Because KM is not working competition oriented, but is focused on self-defense. Here it comes from a Bedrohungssituaton come out, being consciously accepted that the opponent is added severe, possibly even permanent injury or even death. The fact that such techniques should not be used in a competition, is understood well by itself.

In fact, in many dojos so that techniques, who are used to self-defense and in a contest are not allowed, are not trained with the active competitors in order to avoid any accidents / false reactions in competition. As such techniques are hardly in KM, you will hardly find fighters of this martial art in a competitive situation.

This is actually the fact that Krav Maga is a Selbstverteidungsart and just not a competitive sport.
Someone who Krav Maga training do so saw no rules. The point is to defend itself effectively. are partly just not permitted, even with techniques, for example, in UFC.

Whether the techniques 'keep up' can always depends on the situation. In the cage at UFC MMA is of course much more useful as Krav Maga.
On the road it looks quite different. There Krav Maga has an advantage.



km can keep up - believe me!

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