Why you expect that you're all grown with 16.17?

Although with 16.17 is still a child?

The best answer

Because you have to think already so slowly to its future in the age, and if you childish you act in these decisions or decide incorrectly can ruin you all ... Thus you have already start with 16 to know how to act or how have your should look later adult life :)

For me personally it is with 16/17 still not necessarily an adult. Some are also ever never grow. Just stay the way you are. One should not change just because it others think.

With 16/17 you're young, so NO child more Apart from this should be 17 to see a bit of maturity

You are with 16/17 but no longer a child. In some age to start an apprenticeship, make her high school or whatever. So you should already have some maturity in age. Well adult one is with 18 ...

I do not know ... I even grade 16 grow geworden..aber funny how suddenly the requirements

But with 19 you are an adult you?

well a child is also exaggerated: P

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