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Hi I have the problem that I want to create deleted messages again at Whatsapp, this I do not mean all the gradients but individual messages that I have manually deleted and want to see again. I've already made the trz wiederhestellen the course. were the gewünschen objects not present The internet only how the running or news older than 7 days are restoring but I want so these individual objects that I have deleted recover and not all the running.

Is the ? And whom yes please describe ausfürhlich.

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Navigate to the folder Whatsapp Database, SD Card> Whatsapp> Databases.In the database folder you want to see some files something like msgstore-2014-01-04.1.db.crypt. So as you can see thesis files even contain the date on Which its created + you so want to see a filemsgstore.db.crypt, well this is the main file.So now just rename this filemsgstore.db.crypt to something like backup msgstore. db.crypt.Now after you have successfully renamed your file, just change the file did another contains the Appropriate date like choose the one that's latest or the one you think might contain did your chat conversation.So now rename that file tomsgstore.db .crypt and then the load step is to navigate to settings> Applications> manage applications> Whatsapp, and click on Clear Data option to remove all the data.That's it now your msgstore.db.crypt will be restored and obviously did the file did contains your chat conversation.So now as soon as you open your WhatsApp again it will ask you to restore from the Backup.Just press Restore option and everything will be restores pretty easily.

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