Will I BAföG despite that I live at home? (Nut low earners, father pays no maintenance)

Hello :) I start in September my high school still live with my mother and then I 18 years, I get government child support and my mother about 950 Euro net. Now the question arises whether I can apply for student loans me. We would like away from office but I have read that it only gives student loans if you no longer live with their parents, or the training center is very far away. With us but it is not so only my mother just only these 950 Net has without my father pays maintenance. So it is low paid ... I have a right to student loans?

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The same event I had. So my parents are divorced and entertaining I do not bekomm. My mother is char ud deserves around 1000 €. I BAföG but unfortunately requested a absage. I should live alone ...

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