Will I make it before the great bathing session a six-pack of train?

55kg'm standing on top hard 1,70groß and 14th

The best answer

Garnicht.Die session starts tomorrow and then also does not burn again correct the planet.) Good swimmers are not fat, no starvation hook but the artificial Superathleten.Mach on the slide, the three-point technique on a heel, on the pressed-out shoulder blades, and to lift the buttocks from the water. (bridge) .Press a few situps and well ist.Bist super slim because see exaggerated muscles also goofy aus.Alles is gut.Liebe Greetings

You should still be able to create. Your BMI is around 19, you need a minimum temperature of 12 trying to make a lot of endurance sports and not to go about your calorie goal. I recommend twice a week to do abdominal exercises.

I wish you success ;)

If you train three times a day you can make it to all events, I myself also am still working for my perfect bikini figure (: I have decided 3 to make times daily weight training after getting lunch and again before going to sleep, I go do it is usually so but 100 sit ups bauchmuskel workout and anti-roll bars and stop push ups also have to say that I have a week training times 3, which is three hours so I would you still entpfehlen if you do not train to go between through times.

Enjoy the training!

Greetings Lola Mayer

Have you trained? Are you in degree? But honestly I think it is rather short!

Whether there is enough time, because I'm not sure. For a good six pack is the following link "useful"


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