Will I restored for a birthday from school?


My uncle soon celebrating a birthday, and although the 70 .. Since retirees have of course all the time, he has set the celebration in the middle of the week in the middle of the day. My whole family goes (parents and school-age brother), because it's a special birthday. I want there also out, but this would only work with an exemption from school. Do you think that make me free for half the day, when I come for an hour or two in the morning? I would not let me sick writing because I think it's a bit dangerous - What if someone sees me? The stupid thing would be just if the application was rejected, I can in the morning pick me most sick and provide a certificate to the doctor because I have to throw up as, but that would again dishonest. My mother said she might instead rewrite the proposal on "marriage" for "birthday".

If the application is approved? (Time as a benchmark: The half girls school were exempted times for an exam in ballet, regularly these have performances during school hours).

I'm in 8th grade of high school in Bavaria, had average grades and average number of days absent. The day by which it is, we would have only six hours.

Thanks and LG! :)

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In my school can be can be exempt for such a reason as long as it does not regularly occur :)

you could with someone from the school to talk and ask. but at funerals one goes towards yes even though you have school. So also an important family event. than sorry: personal reasons. (I now did not compare burial birthday.)

So with us you can because something definitely can give a relief :) with you certainly

Talk with your Klassenlehrer.Ansonsten there is no necessary reason to indemnify you. Lying as it is proposing your mama bad as ever the act requires wird.Gruß

Are the teachers well on it, then determines

Login sick if you say something the do not believe the icj leave school to take you free for a Birthday

Give it a try. This is different for each school board.

your uncle's birthday is not a reason for exemption.

When to go off the because. Most celebrations begin to drink coffee. Since you can still to school bgehen if they only 6hrs. take place.

So I personally would simply but go to the doctor at a wedding would you rather be free than for a birthday.

I know only that one can be freed at a funeral from teaching Farg stop times the teacher

That you would have with the school administration to clarify.

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