Will my dog ​​ever housebroken?

I got a puppy since 2 weeks. He is 3 months old tomorrow. So far, he is still net housebroken. Although I always go with him after he has slept and after eating out often he does then often pee but the big deal he makes mostly then when we go back inside the house so. I want to ask if he ever is housebroken because I want net that he still makes the house when he is grown up

And then ne other question: If he wants to play he bites me often in the leg. What can you do that it makes it nemme? because then I often or put me on sofa or sit down on the bed that he get there net ignore him. With Tug Toys I play often with him.

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This is all by itself; gedlut) Hab :)

If you notice that he did again, then speak with deeper agree with him, so that he realizes Oops! I should not.

TO bite the leg): Ignore it now and say with severe and deep voice 'No' and then you notice your dog then also;)

(In the bite in no case should laugh or cry that animates him then)

Do not worry, that was with me like that. You need patience, eventually he learns it already.

He's only 3months old. I know someone whose dog was housebroken until 3Jahren.

I would make the dog ..... now he is still young and finds a decent master.

How can you expect that the animal with 3 months is housebroken. A small child is not well. Each dog is patiently and orderly learning Housebroken.

The puppy bites you on the leg, and then you face the sofa

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