Will the taxi company kidding me or am I unduly suspicious?

Dear people,

I need time to assess the situation and to advise what would you do.

So I drove last week Do in a strange place taxi (we call it business A) from the train to a conference venue. On the way I talked quite nice with the driver. Upon arrival I realized I would again need a taxi for departure and the company called about 45 minutes after I arrived at approximately 21 o'clock. It was the driver of just on the line, which also reminded me. I booked her a taxi for the next day 13:00 back to the station.

The next day, not a taxi. After a few minutes I called nervously and the woman at the other end (it was another) claimed I had not called, here would not book before! I discussed with her (but I HAD phoned) and she said she would push me in between or equal.

That ended with a taxi company B came. However, far too late. This meant that I missed my train, for almost my connection to the remote bus in the other city. So I drove the taxi driver B in said city, he had to hurry. I got the bus then grade yet, but now I had thanks Taxi A course useless, high taxi fares because train missed.

On the way telephoned taxi driver B several times with his own boss and with A to ask whether A would now take over these costs. It ended up that A was unrepentant, there the boss was not there and I should pay these costs "first" thus and then talk with the boss. I felt there already ripped, but clearly, if I do not pay, B'd sit on the costs, and whose fault was it not. So paid, got a receipt.

Today (Mo, 13.4.) After 3 attempts finally had Chef of Taxi A on the line. Preliminary upshot: driver and woman in the head office on Friday were temporary, he saw them only at Sa again, he would talk to them, I should call next Monday again.

On one hand I can understand that.

On the other hand I feel put off and put off me again. This feels totally ridiculous and I do not want this story drags on forever! It is clear: THE manure have built, have verballert my book and I want to get reimbursed these travel costs, on principle and because I'm short of money. That was a really hot story if I would get now this bus for a (up to door) 8-hour drive yet.

What I have in hand, is the only receipt for the taxi fare and taxi B as witnesses. Unfortunately, I can let my exhibit from my room phone in the conference site no connecting proof that I really phoned Taxi A.

Taxi A has a reputation for unreliability and is apparently overwhelmed. Bin thus hardly the first one happens!

The play but now on time, right? What can I do? How shall go forth? Thank you!

The best answer

If one is a civil law, must be able to prove it. That's always difficult for telephone conversations. Even if you could prove that you called, you can not prove what was discussed. In my view, it is not worthwhile to continue to invest time and energy.

It says word against word then - as a testament to the order you have not. I'd say you have (almost) no chance. I'm sorry, when the boss of A does not pay, you stay on the costs sit.

I do not think that the boss of Taxi A you will reimburse the cost, because you have no proof of your story. My personal experience with taxi industry is such that it would make in the field of small-time criminals. Not quite as bad but everything petty criminals and rascals. The hotel you have to but can exhibit the itemization for your phone. The call records must be stored safely there. So you'd probably. A small trump card to address my lawyer.

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