Windows 7 blue screen and then install Windows at once?

Hey .. I got my laptop used or was on the Internet, suddenly there came a blue screen, then rebooted and then there is: Windows is loading files ... Then comes "windows Starts" And now I have to choose a language, then stands: install now know before Windows installation and repair Your computer. However, this all looks the same as in abgesichterten mode!

My laptop is not protected, one probably it's also a virus? .. I dont know..

Are all my data off if I install Windows? : /

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It would be good if you could specify to which Notebook is here and what has been reported in the blue screen. System messages do not come without a valid reason.

From what you describe, one can conclude that, for whatever reason, the Recover Managagement started. Just end it. As is indicated in the window somewhere, possibly with the Esc key.

If the hard disk is also formatted during reinstallation, then the data are certainly gone. To save the data, you can use the hard drive only expand, connect it to another PC and try to copy them to another medium

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