Windows 7 Key is already on, what happens if I again where else activate him =

Good evening,

a friend of mine has a laptop that is enabled with a Windows 7 Key. However me this Windows Key is mine. Now I want to know if it is possible, I activate on my older laptop, this Windows Key activate. Then, when the Windows activation repealed with my buddy?

Would be nice if I get an answer.


Nico N.

The best answer

Then it may be that either

  • It works
  • your Key is blocked
  • is invalid
  • you need to call for the activation with Microsoft
  • Windows activation is canceled when you make a Windows Update.

Although the product key belongs to you, but you gives you the right of use of Windows 7 corr. Acquired the Microsoft Software License Terms. Usually defined in the licensing conditions that the product key can only be used on a computer.

Once you activate a second PC with the same key, the activation is not canceled on the first PC, but the 2nd activation is not legal.

Actually it is not, any computer need ne own license. Actually. If you are using a license key so a second time, perhaps nothing happens. If Microsoft does not want to activate the online Key, comes the telephone activation, but even that can succeed.

Can make you already, but is illegal.

Since you can legally buy for 25 € on ebay Win 7 now such shenanigans are incomprehensible to me.

Yes, it may well be that the key will be blocked for activation when it is repeatedly activated to completely different hardware.

You know that it is illegal and want to do it anyway why.

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