Windows 7 no longer starts up after system recovery, I have it already with the Windows 7 CD but tried only get a blue screen?

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Try the F8 boot several times to press and then go to last known good setting and reboot

I have chosen a system producing the approximately 3 years old. to until everything was fine but then he goes only a little way up, then I have the Windows CD inserted and have Computerreparieren selected by the other options which then appeared I could only take the first and does not help me further. I need the laptop only to run get I can get my data down there. Can someone help me?

The "Blue Screen" (Blue Screen) includes an ERROR!

Time and adjust photograph the image, or copy them again and post, times would be an option, right?

goog'len This error message times could also be helpful ...

Only with "Blue screen" no one can start something, Sorry.

Ever tried if he starts up in safe mode?

As long as you do not umstellst in the BIOS, which it is to boot from CD / DVD, it takes no Win7 CD!

comes a blue Bilschirm? Can you boot from CD?

do you mean a blue screen? if you receive the despite bootable disk (for example, your windows 7 cd), is something wrong with your hardware.

could the ram be ... or the mainboard, the graka etc ^^

Send me a picture

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