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I would ask the question to all of you Geeks. And I want the passes without a single click of my trainers a Windows 7 installation DVD make. My DVD runs ever completely but I have to boot from the DVD once a button to lock the starting setup. Then he does everything alone ... My instructor says it's also completely without a click and I should develop my himself, because he does not help me with this.

Thank you in advance

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Remove times the file \ boot \ bootfix.bin of the installation DVD. Habs not tested, but that could be the solution.

Hmm, I also believe that you do not get a keypress before starting the setup around it. Completely without intervention it is probably only PXE boot, ie, the installation does not take place of DVD, but on the network.

Good morning doing an apprenticeship of specialists but do not think that you click the BIOS to circumvent can boot from the CD.

lg Julian

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