Windows 8.1 laptop constantly interrupts my network connection :(

Hi folks, I have a laptop from Acer (Acer Aspire E1-571). For several weeks we have changed the Internet provider of the Telekom to 1 and. 1 Since I like to play Minecraft, I naturally as usual played on a server, however, interrupts the connection every 5 minutes. Just when Skype is running the way that's really annoying. I have already given a different IP address my laptop and even specified that he always gets the same, but the problem remains. It seems to me as if I had searched half the Internet and still found nothing. Well some people in other forums had a similar problem, but everything did not work. Also, I have somewhere changed somewhat with USB connection (no idea) where they told me it was a kind of energy-saving mode, but I think it's just not back: D In recent days, which has play on LAN works but a permanent solution is not really ,

The best answer

Control Panel / Device Manager ... with network adapter (depending on when WLAN or LAN) on properties, energy management ... Computer turn off this device to save power uncheck.

as it is always important updates for your commputer system, programs, antivirus, update hardware.

The map may also be on your network, what do you have? I also have a acer and Atheros network card which is junk. Unfortunately acer saves the network cards and also usually provides Outdated Drivers only available :(

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