Windows Media Player will no longer play the files! Custom urgent help!

So I am working on a private game with Rpg Maker VX Ace. And in the BGM folder I still reingetan own music, everything .wav files. Until yesterday it has everything still works properly, but suddenly no more music when I opened the game and I've been wondering what was going on ... so I have opened once the music file in Media Player. And showing me this message (see screenshot). I do not know why, because I have not changed or moved there. it was out of the blue that nothing in this folder stopped working, not a single music file. The problem I'm not in the other, however. In SE folder, where I have also put in it's own sound effects everything works perfectly, the BGM folder is really the only problem. I ask for help because I really am madly desperate. I'm working on this game for years and now suddenly the music just will not play. so please please help me !!!

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PS: I still noticed anything to the files have all 0 bytes :( I've read on the internet that you can fix it but unfortunately there was not as ... I really hope I can help someone.

Get a codec pack! There's the Internet for download

Use VLC. The plays everything from! : D

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