Wing Chun against bodybuilders

Hello. It may be that I have the question ever asked but I did would know Please detail who is against whom superior in a fight. The professional Wing Chun fighter or bodybuilder has enormous power. Is it not true that the bodybuilders has tremendous advantages in fighting due to its powerful stature? I imagine ever before that the bodybuilder with his powerful arms on his opponent only once needs Hinsch lay and his opponent is then as good as dead. So what is more effective? Wing Chun technique or pure muscle?

The best answer

When the Wing Chun master it you can definitely win. There are techniques that can be used to redirect due force the other and used against him. It is important here, on angle. If one knows how to fight and knows the right techniques and responding quickly to win in any case against a bodybuilder has nothing but his strength.

It does not depend on muscle mass but to the art. So much of the muscle muscleman has also, if he has no technique and he acts rashly quite a few chances.

Bodybuilder with Wing Chun. But with Wing Chun you bring out of the existing physical strength the maximum. Sure you can divert a lot, but with 60kg have against a 120kg types not much chance.

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