Winking Cat?

I am currently in my godparents aunt and two cats. I observed this time and have MCCH asked if cats actually blink, because I have not actually seen it in two. Thank you in advance now Thanks for your answers.

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Maybe it has already been issued so. They are hard at work and feel that you are being watched and if you look the direction, you find that your favorite You fixed with a fixed gaze. What he wants to express it, you must find out for yourself. With the eyes speak our cat. As throughout the cat world means a blink, the same as our smiles. If they smile back, or squint, this is the beginning of an intense friendship. My Stubentiger often blink when I call her name and me entertain with them. I am working in my spare time with problem animals that have many bad experiences behind them and when the first Augenzwinkeln then done, I know that this Stubentiger rebuilding confidence in us humans.

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Cats often look around, their eyes move and moisturize it characterized. Of course blink cats, only not as frequently and abruptly as we. Also you can your eyes by looking around keep moist without winking, at least for a while.


Yes, they do. It is a sop signal, try it out, blink the cat at times by enabling one or both eyes slowly zukneifst a little and again öffnst in partial views of the cat. You will understand the signal, and possibly come to you. pinch blink and eye means in cats, I do to you nothing, do you give me synonymous nix.

Yes they blink, we ourselves 3 and I see it often enough.

Whether blink cats so I do not know, but if you squint at another cat or a human heist you're my friend

Yes Cats also blink but not as often

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