Wireless coverage amplifying

I have the following problem:

Building 1 has not wireless, building. 2 Between the buildings is a smaller distance, so one is not receiving a wireless signal in front of building. 2

I am now looking to strengthen a way to increase the range. The best way I would strengthen it by means of a device that I place in building 2 (without WiFi).

Do you have ideas how I kannß implement the

The best answer

Hello Player122333,

if both building "see" each other, it's all about quality 2 directional antennas. This assumes of course that you have corresponding antenna ports on router and wireless access point.

If necessary, I will show you an appropriate antenna, but no problem.

Greetings, Dalko

A repeater (amplifier) ​​Configure. Old Wireless Box ONFIGURING. If I even think about sirekkt the advertiser.

If the distance is not too large, you can put over the router and connect a repeater a LAN cable.

I mean those w- lan amplifier can be bought

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