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Hello, I am getting from March a new internet line (VDSL) and now my question is whether I the full Internet speed get in my WLAN stick or the LAN cable?

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If there is no problem to install a LAN cable, I would recommend that, because that is the speed fast, as there is no interference (such as walls when WLAN).

But if it is not possible or too complicated, you can reach high speeds with WLAN. If no walls in between, it should go well, otherwise there are alternative wireless amplifier which you could use to achieve faster connection.

VDSL's relative and there are already over 16 Mbit. I can say from experience that you do not get reasonable with WLAN to run VDSL100. The WLAN has also despite 300 Mbit not enough data throughput. Also at Powerlan. While that is better, but not perfect. Take prefer a decent LAN cable, so you have no disadvantages.

Then you have no problems with other things such as new wireless networks, or billges PSU in PowerLAN network.

Oh, and the router should also be suitable.

If a WLAN is configured correctly and thoughtfully, you have thus in practice hardly any disadvantages.

lan is better ... if you have to move 20 meters but kb it is worthwhile to bring Lan from the electricity network ... I also and running smoothly

only with cable you get almost full speed - wireless depends how far and how many walls in between are

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