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Hey am in grad school and wanted to know what could happen, the German economic wonder and why it has been so important. Thank you LG. PS: KB on Wikipedia

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everything was destroyed by the war almost. Factories, houses, roads, railway lines, bridges ect. There was lack of food and daily necessities. Food was rationed. One got ration cards with which you limited quantities of z. B. Butter, sugar, ect. could buy. there was need for all. Partially dismantled the victorious powers (USA, England, Russia, France) still intact machinery from factories and created these machines in their countries. Our country was faced with ruin. So everything had to be created anew. Houses, streets, factories, shops where you could buy, etc. The reconstruction began rather quickly, goods could again be produced which were due to the large demand for ready sale. In the factories and companies new machines were used that have been better than those that were there before the war. Working there was enough and everywhere. People could again earn money and buy things they needed urgently. That boosted the economy. First cars were built, such as the Volkswagen. The industry had full order books. Commodity production was in full swing. The more jobs were available, the more money was for purchases available. This development was the reason our Wirtschaftswunders.Teilweise we were financially supported by the Americans. There was the so-called. Marshall Plan, which held primarily for the construction of new housing for use kam.Dieser trend over many years. Germany flourished. The first tourists went on vacation. Preferred country was then Italy. It described this development of reconstruction, as the German economic miracle. Out of nowhere, establish a well-functioning economy. As a result, we had cash reserves, it was called the "Julius Tower". So no debt. The former economy minister was Ludwig Erhard.

Think about it! In western Germany, particularly in the industrial heart of that time, the Ruhr, everything was bombed broken! Since NIX was more. Drop the Krupp family (Amazon Prime), the last few episodes. Krupp was COMPLETELY broken ... and there it was THE heart German steel, lay everything depended with the ground! Coal, shipbuilding, heavy industry ... nothing there anymore, nothing more functional.

So the Germans have spewed into the hands and built everything new, it then uses the most modern technology (according to Standard's then). This in turn allowed a so rapid rise of the economy, that the mid / late fifties even guest workers from abroad (dmaals Italy, later Turkey) were urgently needed ... Germany able-bodied men were gestorber in the war, many were from the small remaining still in captivity ,

Important? Comparisons with the GDR: What there still stood and was not dismantled by Russia, have the partially used until reunification: equipment from the time of World War I! For this reason alone, the GDR could hardly keep up economically!

The economic miracle was very important for Germany and for Europe! It was important that it was possible to live a good life again - is clear or not?

How did the "miracle"? German industry was still functional after the war. The cities were indeed destroyed, but in the region there were still industry. There are even studies and even a documentary.

The judge economic miracle, so the first time when Germany exported more than imported was in the 50s Keywords:. Arms industry.

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