Wisdom teeth at age 16, all 4?

Hey, was now at the dentist to check my teeth and have made, an x-ray of my teeth. The doctor said my wisdom teeth need to be taken as soon as possible. He thought my teeth would top and before my wisdom teeth begin to make pain or move my other, I should let them go. It should hardly hurt - so he told me. "Little tiny jab, and the teeth are gone." I am 16 years old and I are all 4 pulled simultaneously. Image is annexed. Do you think it is bad? I have next Tuesday a volleyball tournament and must appear there. it if I had minimal pain until this Friday would be best. What do you think?

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Hello, So, here comes someone with experience. Did my wisdom teeth can be a few weeks before rausmachen, am 18. Also, all four, same story, so I get no pain later. My brother the counterexample, has at the same time because he did not have it removed, had animal pain. It is very likely that you're fit again until next week Tuesday, from person to person there are differences. For me it was so that the pain was tolerable until the second day, because there has hurt terribly, so it may be with you, I got chubby cheeks, and blood and wound secretions spit the first few days, the muscle pain was at worst, I think, has lasted me one and a half weeks, and even then I could not eat anything because it could not be opened from the muscle distortions of the jaw, but was not so bad. To your questions :

Yes, it is painful and corrosive, but worth it, do your wisdom tooth surgery is not a volleyball tournament depends! I am after this time really glad I got through that, my time were relatively small. I have no second time back and will need to be no more pain so later fear. My recommendation: Do it! The best time, after the operation to insert a couple of hours to chocolate in your mouth and let them melt is, tastes better than the bloody suspension in your mouth :) And I recommend ibuprofen every few hours, I always had a dose of 600 (3x200er ibuprofen). Of course this was now no horny experience, but definitely be's paid off. There are also cases in which this is done just after a few days. It depends on the person, can not be said lump sum.

My wisdom teeth were all 4 away when I was 12th I was fit again after 3 days. My brother, however, could make for 2 weeks no sport. That's just from one person to other.

All four at a time, it will probably not be. I think you'll do that in two meetings with two teeth.

So I honestly can not imagine that someone pulls four teeth at once. Since he had to he so numb the whole mouth and you could bite on either side.

I would leave me in no case so fobbed, let you be a separate appointment for each side.

In addition, the removal of wisdom teeth can be quite painful, than in others.

The are the surely attract you not tomorrow, so the tournament should be no problem. The pulling out itself is completely easy ( "Little prick and away"), unpleasant as it can then only be when the swelling starts. But if they have to go anyway, I would equal all want to get rid of at once, then you have it behind you.

Hole you definitely still a 2nd opinion a.

My wisdom teeth are also grown crooked. They should also get out.

The 2nd dentist said that last it better to remove the last molars, as they were anyway already broken and the wisdom teeth fill the gap again.

Just ask if that was not Währe also an option for you.

And if you pull let have let one side only make and wait until it is completely healed then the other side. So you can still some food and chewing. Also does so afterwards hurt enough.


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